Review – ‘Just In The Moment’ By Justin-Lee Schultz

Review – ‘Just In The Moment’ By Justin-Lee Schultz

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16-Year-Old Multi-Instrumentalist Justin-Lee Schultz is back with a new project. Back with a new project? 16 year olds should not be this good, but here we are. Just In The Moment continues the rise of this talented young artist. While other artists his age are using a computer and a controller to make music, Schultz plays real instruments, a talent that is becoming a little scarce. 

Just In The Moment is a ten track effort, and this includes one remake. Let’s check out the sounds.

Review – ‘Just In The Moment’ By Justin-Lee Schultz

The album begins with a cameo from Robert Glasper, then the listener is gifted with Freedom Jazz Dance, Justin’s interpretation of the Eddie Harris classic. This is from 1961, and Shultz had managed to make this sound like a song written in the 21st century. The piano is flowing and the background vocals are smooth, but the vocoder is an interesting choice, and it fits nicely.

In The Moment is next. As in just about all of the songs in this set, Justin plays every instrument. His sister Jamie-Leigh plays the drums. Justin was In The Moment when creating this tune, as he gives the piano and guitar equal time. This is a track that really puts his skills on full display. Plenty of great sounds here to explore.

Dave Koz is featured in Fellowship. Koz is in his usual form, and Shultz is on it with those piano runs. This song style and arrangement is not something you will hear from today’s artists, but there is a certain sophistication here that really exceeds Justin’s years.

Daybreak is one of those tracks that can easily be the canvas for some spoken word at the local open mic night. Just drop in your own words of inspiration, and you can have yourself a funky good time.

Moonshine can be described as a jam session that was caught on tape. Justin shows off those guitar chops, and we are all the way here for it. The piano play is insane, and to top it off, the drums are incredible.

The Oasis has it going on with that swing beat. Once again the lead guitar is singing, but be sure to pay attention to those backing vocals that will make you sing along. This just a cool track to just vibe to.

We think Justin is just showing off on A Timeless Dream. Everything except the drums is played by Justin, and you will love the interesting sounds that will surely tickle your eardrums. 

In Overcome, you get a taste of what happens when RnB intersects with Jazz Fusion. You hear the stylized structure of the instruments, while flowing with the looseness of fusion. You will need to listen to it twice to really take in all of the artistry that this song has to offer.

Downtime is interesting, as there are several twists and turns, and the listener will pay close attention, because of it.


 The musical arrangement is just insane, and Justin’s musical chops make him one of the few artists that can create songs like this.

The set ends with Switching Lanes. Featured artist Richard Elliot is here with that unmistakable sound of his sax. It feels like you can step to this, but if not, it can be a part of the soundtrack of a cozy night in. Overall, this is a mid-tempo song that has a lot of energy, due to the instrumental performances.

Just In The Moment is a follow up to Justin’s recording debut Gruv Kid, and it shows the growth of this young and talented artist.

You can stream the album through your favorite service.

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