Review – ‘Comfort Zone’ By Euge Groove

Review – ‘Comfort Zone’ By Euge Groove

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The man with the slow but funky grooves is back with his 13th recording, called Comfort Zone. Euge Groove explains the album concept like this. “The title Comfort Zone came about because I was anything but comfortable writing this album and I needed to get out of my comfort zone…writing songs in different keys then I’m used to, made me come up with different melodies and chord structures.”

Candy Dulfer, Richard Elliot & Dino Soldo tag along on this ten track effort. Nine of the tracks are originals, and he re-imagines the One Way classic Mr. Groove (Please Mr. Groove). 

Review – ‘Comfort Zone’ By Euge Groove

Measure for Measure is first. Remember when we said slow but funky? Euge comes out of the gate with a strong song. This is classic Euge from the arrangement, to the production, to the sax play. This is the blueprint for smooth RnB in 2023.

The next track is called Walkin’, and we are sure you will be stepping to this beat. This track is not just cool….it is ICE COLD with that funky swing beat. We like the layering of the horn parts on the hook, giving it that full sound. 

Let’s Hold hands is next. Dino Soldo is on harmonica and although it is not used on a regular basis, the harmonica adds a little extra feeling to the song. The ad-libs toward the end from both Euge and Dino, are just fabulous. Overall a solid track.

If you are ready for a slow jam, the Up Close will satisfy that itch. In addition to the horn play, the piano is letting off some good vibrations. This is a track for the grown folks.

Euge brings back with the funk with the title track, Comfort Zone. This year, it seems like many artists are channeling the 80’s funk, especially with the keyboard sounds. This song does well in marrying that classic vibe with his current sound.

In Crossroads, you can just close your eyes, and immerse yourself in this groove. It is a slow jam, but overall, there is a lot going on. We are talking about the various keyboard sounds, the understated bassline and those musical changes that Euge is known for. 

Caminito is next. We will just leave this one here for you to enjoy.

In Junior, The Blues has officially made its way onto the album. It is not hardcore Blues, but just enough to expose the listener to the genre. If you listen closely, you will also hear some elements of Love Till The End Of Time by Paulinho da Costa

Euge breaks it all the way down on Two Bridges. This is a song that tells a story, and the listener can apply their own details to this story, whether it is about a special person from the past, or something new that is just about to blossom. 

The set concludes with a funky re-imagination of the song Mr. Groove by One Way. Please Mr. Groove is not just a remake, it is a current version of a classic track. Richard Elliot is on vocoder and Candy Dulfer is on alto sax. If you think about it, it totally makes sense that Euge Groove would record this song.

What can you say, Comfort Zone is pure Euge Groove. Even though he stated that he purposely wanted to get out of his comfort zone with this project, it still has the Euge Groove sound, and that is what makes him one of the masters of the Smooth Jazz genre. You can stream the album now through your favorite service. 

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