Beginnings are always messy


I have listened to, and enjoyed, all genres of music in my time but I have now settled on jazz. I came to this particular musical form by way of the blues, which, in turn, I had only found by leaving a radio station tuned in longer than I normally would have done at the time. Now I find that jazz music fulfills my musical needs in a way that no other style of music can. I do still listen to other forms of music, occasionally, but jazz is never far away.

So what about writing about jazz music? Well there are many far better writers than I about the subject to be found across the internet, I read many of them myself, so what can I add to that which is already out there? Well nothing really except my own personal experiences, tastes and observations. As the title of this post says, “beginnings are always messy” but I shall give it a go anyway and hope that someone somewhere likes what I have to post.

Thanks for reading this far.