Review – ‘Just Like That’ by Nick Colionne

Review – ‘Just Like That’ by Nick Colionne

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We tragically lost the legendary guitarist, Nick Colionne in 2022. He had been on the scene since 1993, and in those 28 years, he had played with a who’s who in the Smooth Jazz genre, and he released 11 albums.

Just like that is his 12th and final collection of songs. Let’s dive in and check out this 10 track effort.

Review – ‘Just Like That’ by Nick Colionne

The set begins with the title track. And Just Like That, you get a sense of the tone of that the album will offer. You get some funk with a taste of the Blues. Colionne’s guitar sounds fresh as always, and this track really showcases the depth of his guitar play. All of the keyboard parts fill out the song, and the track is a party starter.

The tempo is lively with U Feel Me. It is a standard dance track, but the the guitar licks are far from standard. This is another showcase of the different styles that Colionne was able to play. 

In What You Do To Me, Colionne slows the tempo a bit. You will like the lead piano play, and the guitar parts act as a back up singer. If you are into some smooth grooves, then you will definitely make this a favorite.

All I Wanna Do is next. This seems like a jam session that they just happened to record. All of the instruments shine, including the keyboard, bass, horns, and guitar. Speaking of horns, there is a first-class sax solo that we are sure you will enjoy. Overall, this track is a winner.

My Dearest is another smoothed out track. This is one of those tracks that has an island flare, you know, the type of track that one would listen to as they are sipping on their favorite beverage, as they relax on the beach. It also had some old school soul elements, as the Stevie Wonder song “Creep” comes to mind.

Kastle is a song that can be categorized as Pop/Jazz. It has a radio friendly groove, and this is a track that someone who is not well versed in Smooth Jazz would probably like, and that is not a bad thing.

In Watch Your Step, you get all of the elements, a lead guitar, a funky bassline, and the horn section takes care of the hook. This one has some good energy, and it is one of the standouts of the album.

Step To This is one for the steppers. This is the perfect addition to your stepper’s playlist.

Let’s Take A Ride is heavily influenced in RnB, and we are not mad at that. Since we are adding tracks to certain playlists, this one can reside in your Cocktail Party playlist. You know, all of the sophisticated songs that set the pre-party mood. This is a marvelous song.

The final track is a re-release of It’s My Turn, originally released in 1994. 

You can keep the memory of Nick Colionne alive, by streaming Just Like That, and all of his other albums on your favorite streaming service. 

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