Keyboardist Jeff Logan Album ‘Indigo’ Out April 12

Keyboardist Jeff Logan Album ‘Indigo’ Out April 12

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Indigo is a natural plant-based hue produced through a transformational process that unfolds over time. R&B/jazz keyboardist Jeff Logan has been going through his own transformative process that inspired the title of his long-germinating second album “Indigo,” which will drop on April 12 via the Fire and Ice Network label. Two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown (Boney James, Norman Brown, Al Jarreau, Bob James) produced the ten-song set written by Logan who opened his heart to reveal intimate moments, introspective reflections and personal stories of love, heartbreak and hope culled from the process of real life.  

Logan has always been a prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, constantly composing and recording new material in his home studio, playing all the instruments himself. As a composer, he has an innate way with melody. However, he hasn’t shared any of his recordings publicly since his 2011 debut album, “Black Tie Affair.” Since that project, he went through a painful divorce, was distanced from his daughters, and logged innumerable high-stress hours serving as the Chief of Population Management for Prince George’s County, Maryland Department of Corrections.

“Our time on this earth is fleeting and none of us truly know how much time we have to make an impact. Who did I touch? How did I touch them? How did we flow? I want to flow beautifully into as many people as God had intended for me to do, and in such a way as that I added to their life in a positive way before I evaporate and return to the source that created me.”

Logan’s growth – artistically and professionally as well as personally and emotionally – in the nearly thirteen years since his last album is nothing short of remarkable. No doubt it took a lot of challenging work and nurturing self-care. The time-honored processes that he’s been through over the years served to develop and hone his craft. “Indigo” is the product of a composer-keyboardist who has evolved into a uniquely gifted and expressive instrumental voice capable of communicating powerfully via distinctively colored musical hues.   

“Indigo” Tracklisting:


“Chill Factor”

“Tears of Hope”

“Let It Go”

“Bread and Wine”

“I Love You”

“Fall In Love”

“If Only”


“A Soul’s River”

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