John Ellison ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ Album Out January 26

John Ellison ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ Album Out January 26

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Singer-songwriter John Ellison wrote one of the most recorded and most played songs in music history, “Some Kind of Wonderful.” On his 82nd birthday last August, Ellison previewed his new album by releasing a newly recorded version of the 1967 smash hit that he originally recorded with his band, Soul Brothers Six. The “Some Kind of Wonderful” album, featuring eleven new songs written by Ellison and produced by Roger Heijster, finally releases on January 26 from PopMi Music

Ellison’s signature song that has earned him multiple lifetime achievement awards from BMI, his native West Virginia, and his second homeland, Canada, “Some Kind of Wonderful” has been recorded by more than seventy artists – from Rod Stewart and Joss Stone to Grand Funk RailroadBuddy Guy and Huey Lewis & The News

Just prior to New Year’s Eve, Ellison released a second single to preview the coming set. “If I Had Just One Wish” offers feel-good vibes for 2024 via a reggae groove and a luminous horn section. Ellison’s optimistic and hopeful wish calls for more love, peace and harmony in the new year despite rising tensions, wars and unrest.  


“If I had just one wish, this is what it would be.

I wish that the whole world could live in peace and harmony.

There be no more wars, there be no more hate.

I’ll make this world a better place, I’ll make this world great.

If I had just one wish!”


Ellison recorded the “Some Kind of Wonderful” album at PopMi Music’s studio in the Netherlands. The dozen tunes are a blend of soul, blues, R&B, funk, gospel and reggae music. Armed with an electric guitar, Ellison’s well-worn and expressive vocals tell tales of love, hope, celebration, romance and reflection. Heijster cowrote a couple of songs on the album and provided the majority of the instrumentation (drums, percussion, bass, guitars, keyboards and programming). Bassists Lucien Matheeuwsen and Peter Bergman and drummer Wiktoria Bialic enhance the rhythm tracks, and singers Angela Walls and D’MAR contribute to the vocals. Trumpeter Serge Plume, trombonist Jel Jongen, and baritone and tenor saxophonist Allard Buwalda form the Jay Horns, adding fire power, texture, depth and emotion to the album.

Next month during Black History Month, the historic hitmaker Ellison will release the third single from the album. Two days after Valentine’s Day, “Let Me Be the One” delivers a romantic bouquet.

The “Some Kind of Wonderful” album is available now for digital preorders and will be released as a CD, in black vinyl and as a limited-edition gold vinyl record for collectors. For more information, please visit


“Some Kind of Wonderful”

“Let’s Get This Party Started”

“If I Had Just One Wish”

“It’s Your Lips”

“Easy to Remember”

“Love Line”

“Let Me Be the One”

“Quitters Never Win”

“Where Do I Go from Here?”

“West Virginia State of Mind”

“He Watches Over Me”

“I Simply Love You”

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