Jimmy B ‘My Old Street’ – LISTEN

Jimmy B ‘My Old Street’ – LISTEN

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 Mixing nostalgic memories from childhood when he discovered his passion for music and honoring his siblings’ strength and his mother’s courage are the inspiration for R&B/jazz guitarist Jimmy B’s newly released single, “My Old Street.” The follow-up to his first Billboard No. 1 single, “It’s Personal” featuring 9-time Grammy nominee Gerald Albright, “My Old Street” was written and produced by Kerry Wilkins. The WKM Records single was one of the most added new singles on the Billboard/Mediabase chart in its debut week of release.

Jimmy B is an instrumental storyteller, using his lyrically expressive guitar-play to tell tales chronicling his youth, family life and seminal moments. “My Old Street” pays tribute to formative lessons he learned from his siblings. His 2018 album, “I’m Still Standing,” reflects the tenacity and persistence that his family exemplified. The new track, which features Wilkins on rhythm guitar and a piano solo by Ted Wenglinski that illuminates the soulful midtempo groove, is an uplifting lesson about the strength and courage instilled in all of his siblings. 

“My mother had towering strength and courage. Whenever she faced adversity, she did so head on. She stood up and made a change for our family,” explained Jimmy B, recalling when his older siblings orchestrated his mother to move them into a much better neighborhood in Canton, Ohio when the guitarist was ten. 

“On the particular street she moved us to is where I first embraced my love of music, making me who I am today,” said Jimmy B, who now resides in Houston.

Jimmy B debuted in 2010 with “Just The Way I Feel.” He collaborated with Grammy nominated saxophonist/flutist Najee and Emmy nominated urban-jazz pianist Bobby Lyle. On stage, Jimmy B has shared the spotlight with R&B/soul singer Glenn Jones, sophisticated soul singer Phil Perry, and R&B crooner Eddie Levert of The O’Jays. “My Old Street” will appear on “Jimmy B & Friends Two,” his fifth album, which he expects to release in April.

Many of the people in Jimmy B’s life try to guess what street “My Old Street” is about. He is amused about the intrigue and speculation, but he declines to reveal the exact street name in order to keep the focus on the song’s broader message. 

“Many people from my hometown think they know which street I’m referring to, but let it be known, it is still a mystery and I’m going to keep it that way because which street is not really important. Everyone can relate to ‘My Old Street’ because everyone has a past and a journey to get to the street that they are on now.” 

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