Michelle Osten covers ‘One For My Baby’

Anglo-American not just jazz vocalist and band leader Michele Osten (micheleosten.com) announces the worldwide release of her new single and video, ‘One For My Baby’, produced by Alban Bouquette – a native of Burgundy in France. This is a bittersweet tune about what transpires after a break up and marks Michele’s first cover of one of her all time favourite jazz standards originally written and composed by Harold Arlen and John Mercer in 1943.

I rekindled my love for singing later in life and found jazz discovered it to be my go-to niche. I have dabbled with most of the old standards but always return to perform ‘One For My Baby’ as it hits me right in the heart every time I perform it. .

I wouldn’t be sharing this song and video with the world without the support from the talented team I have had the honour of working together with my French friends and talented artists: Francois Perrin on double bass and Philippe Rhulmann at the piano.

Michele Osten

This is a very good cover of a well-known tune, and the terrific accompanying video, created by London based videographer Ben Henderson, can be seen at the the end of this post. The song is now available on all major platforms for purchase.

This cover tune follows three original tunes recorded and independently released on all platforms as of September 2021, Ease Away Slowly, Easier and Easier and LazyDaze, which won a Bronze Medal in the Jazz Category of the Global Music Awards for 2023.

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