‘Senior Swing’ single from Blue and Broke

Blue and Broke is Belgian based band who have recorded three albums to date. They combine many different musical styles, but jazz influences have always been a part of what they do. Their new album ‘Inside’ will be released in October this year and they have decided to do things a bit differently this time. All numbers on the album will be played by the band themselves, and will be more uniform in approach, making it a true band-album. However, the band will also work with friends to make “outside” versions of several songs in totally different styles.

For ‘Senior Swing’ Blue and Broke chose to go for an authentic Gypsy style approach, with Filip Verneert invited to play lead guitar on the song and Nils De Caster to bring out his inner Grappelli on violin. The next release could well be a huge Big Band number (actually, it will be…).

I have listened to the single, which you can hear via the video link below, and have to say that I enjoyed it. The music is nothing unexpected but well played. What makes this number stand out is the cabaret style vocal delivery from Melissa Anthuenis – listen for yourself.


“A Senior Swing” by Blue and Broke ft. Nils De Caster and Filip Verneert

Blue and Broke consist of: Melissa Anthuenis – vocals; Augustijn Vermandere – bass; Pedro De Bruyckere – rhyhtm guitar; and featuring Nils De Caster – violin & Filip Verneert – lead guitar.

‘Senior Swing’ was recorded by Klaas Tomme in Ghent, Belgium in the ‘In the Clouds’- studio, mixed by Staf Verbeeck and produced by Klaas Tomme and Pedro De Bruyckere.

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