Firetail’s ‘Papier Mache Cave’

Firetail is a World-Jazz-Fusion 6 piece band whose music spans from 70’s jazz-fusion, South Indian Carnatic music and their very own brand of jazz-tronica. Formed in 2018 as a collaborative recording project, Firetail have developed an ambient approach to song-writing that blends soul-infused rhythms with evocative melodies and driving percussion.

Firetail have announced the release of the single ‘Papier Mache Cave’

‘Papier Mache Cave will available from the 2nd of March 2023 and is the first single from their forthcoming debut album. This three-minute instrumental has all the energy of a boiling kettle that’s preparing to make sweet mint tea. Musically emerging from the dark years of lockdowns, curfews and panic, ‘Papier Mache Cave’ screams into the storm of uncertainty.

“Truly a musical journey that moves in and out of jazz and neo soul textures to progressive experimental post rock with heavy doses of psychedelia all smacked with a wet sloppy kiss of jazztronica flavors” –

Robb Donker Curtis. American Pancake

“I love this uninhibited band not only for their absolute commitment to creating this whacky music, but because they have a distinctly Melbourne sound that never fails to bring me back to the dark, sticky bars of my hometown.” ABC Jazz

ABC Jazz

I have listened to the single and can confirm that is is energetic in both style and delivery and will appeal to those whose taste in jazz music encompasses elements from non-jazz styles – I shall now make that peppermint tea and allow time to reflect on what I just listened to.

Tour date details are available from the bands website

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