Girls In Airports channels old Egyptian God on new single release

Bes is the second single from Girls in Airports’ upcoming album titled How It Is Now.

The Danish band, Girls in Airports, is famous for their captivating soundscapes crossing musical genres and geographical borders. Combining jazz, indie, and urban folk into a unique expression of heart stirring, melody-laden elegiac hooks and dance-friendly, globally influenced rhythms. Featuring four of the most distinctive and creative musicians from the Danish music scene, Girls in Airports is one of the most vital experimental ensembles in Europe. With a coherent and unique sound, their music is both absorbing and powerfully emotive. The band’s charismatic live performances have quickly made them one of the most talked about new bands on the international scene.

On November 11 Girls in Airports releases a new track inspired by the Egyptian god Bes, who is believed to be amongst other the deity of music. The track begins with a mysterious groovy vibe that develops into a dreamy collective jam.

Bes is an ancient Egyptian god worshipped as a protector of peoples’ homes, often appearing as a soldier ready to launch an attack on any approaching evil. This energy is channelled through the new single simply called Bes, which is the second single of the band’s upcoming album.

Girls in Airports’ tracks normally begin with melodic material composed by saxophonist Martin Stender, but this specific track had its beginning in the mind of percussionist Victor Dybbroe. Approximately three years ago Victor presented some rough sketches to Martin on the piano. But at the time they didn’t manage to develop it into a track. Two years later Martin suddenly remembered one of the piano patterns and immediately sat down and developed it into this simple melody.

I have listened to ‘Bes’ and whilst it may start with a simple melody, played on the sax of Martin Stender, it is the driving percussion that that grounds this tune and allows the sound to develop from a very solid musical bedrock that grows and evolves as the tune progresses through its just short of six-minute timing – but there is still time for some fun at the end of the number: I like this Bes!

The coming album How It Is Now was recorded at the premier studio The Village in Copenhagen by technician John Fomsgaard and will be released on March 24, 2023 on Kaja Records.

Musicians: Martin Stender – saxophones, flute, and keys; Mathias Holm – keys, organ, and piano; Victor Dybbroe – drums, gongs, and percussive sounds; Anders Vestergaard – drums and cymbals

All compositions by Martin Stender & Girls in Airports.

Recorded and mixed by John Fomsgaard.

Mastering by Joel Krozer. Lacquer-cut by Noel Summerville.

Artwork by Kasper Vang.

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