Turquazz & Nardis Jazz Club pop up at The EFG London Jazz Festival

The Nardis Jazz Club will be presenting a wide-ranging programme of jazz across two days, 18 & 19th November, as a part of the EFG London Jazz Festival 2022.

I have always thought that due to their background, one that embraces a synthesis of the East and the West, Anatolian musicians have the courage to take steps towards integrating an international music genre like jazz with other genres. With the content we produce on our platform, we have been creating awareness of how important complete fusion into the local culture is in terms of international connections, or in more contemporary terms, global cultural communication.

Concepts such as synthesis, fusion and memory are at the centre of our Turkish Jazz Club projects, whose first and honorary guest is Nardis Jazz Club this year. We are delighted to present these two fantastic days as a glimpse into the thousands of years of Anatolian heritage as a part of the phenomenal EFG London Jazz Festival.

As the motto of Nardis goes; Jazz better be listened to in a club. Looking forward to welcoming you during the Nardis Jazz Club London Pop-Up on the 18th and 19th of November at Exmouth Market.

Batu Akyol
Curator of pop-up Jazz Club Program
Director of Turquazz Culture

Just to give a small flavour of some of what will be available, this is some of what can be heard and seen at the pop-up club:

Onder Focan Quartet

Famous Turkish jazz guitarist Onder Focan nurtures his musical production with his native geography. His tunes will be your guide on a journey in time with a repertoire based on his own milestones.

November 18, 2022 @ 9:00 pm

Alfred Berkshire Jazz Session

Tunes of Tuna Otenel The quartet, brought together by double bass player, Ozan Musluoglu, is preparing to introduce Tuna Otenel, the mentor of many new generation Turkish jazz musicians, to the London audience with a selection of his unique compositions. Uraz Kivaner on the piano, Batu Salliel on the saxophone and Ferit Odman on the drums.

November 19, 2022 @ 9:00 pm

Ferit Odman Remembering Maffy Falay

Maffy Falay, one of the most important figures of the international jazz scene, was a Turkish trumpeter who had countless gigs in Turkey and Sweden. The renowned and talented Ferit Odman, who had the opportunity to work with this legendary Turkish trumpet player who unfortunately passed earlier this year, pays homage to Maffy Falay with his quartet during this unforgettable concert.

November 18, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

More details of what Nardis Jazz Club will be offering can be found at www.turquazz.com but be warned that some events have already sold out so don’t hang around if you are thinking of going.

All imagers above are courtesy of http://www.turquazz.com

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