Michele Osten announces worldwide release of her new single ‘Easier and Easier and accompanying video.

Anglo-American not just jazz vocalist and band leader Michele Osten announces the worldwide release of her NEW single and video, ‘Easier and Easier’. Produced by Los Angeles based Bryan Dobbs; a bittersweet tune about letting go, marks Michele’s second collaboration with Los Angeles based songwriter and composer, Denise Dimin. 

Both the song and its accompanying video (see at end of this post), created by videographer Ben Henderson is now available worldwide to stream or download on all major digital platforms.

I have spent the last twenty years re-igniting my love for music and cultivating my career as a live performer and now independent recording artist. ‘Easier and Easier’ is my third professional single released since September 2021. It’s a huge accomplishment for me and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how things are progressing and I wouldn’t be sharing this song and video with the world without the support from the talented team I have had the honour of working together with.

Michele Osten

What I love about collaborating with Michele is the breadth of what she does with a panoply of songs and genres. She’s afraid of nothing and chooses to make each song her own! She infuses her impeccable sensibilities and breathes her own groove into a song that was originally written as a slow wrenching (heartbreak) ballad! Now it keeps the set list moving and lightens the mood, while retaining all the heartfelt emotion I intended. Brava!

Denise Dimin, the song’s composer

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