Estraven visit Southampton Jazz Club

Tuesday, 16th August, will see the exciting quartet Estraven play Southampton Jazz Club at The Stage Door. The event will start at 8pm – the doors open at 7.30pm.

Their debut album Ignored Advice, which was released in March 2022, features all original compositions that stem from bassist composer Chris Hyde-Harrison’s love of jazz, post-rock and various world music. Collectively the band share a love of modern jazz that includes the music of Ben Wendel, Ari Hoenig and Mark Turner.

“both adventurous and accessible, blending complex rhythmic ideas with an innate sense of melody”

The band includes rising star saxophonist Duncan Eagles, well known for his work with critically acclaimed band Partikel.

Saxophonist Duncan Eagles holds the stage with his attractively dry tone, sharpness and the urgent ferocity of his tenor improvising.

John Fordham, The Guardian

Having reviewed the album, and very much enjoying it, I am looking forward to hearing this band play live!

Odd-time palpitations, Eastern tinged melodies and full-throttle improv make up the sound of London based band Estraven.

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