Judy Whitmore sings ‘It Could Happen To You’

Vocalist Judy Whitmore, as an artist has already amassed more than one million streams and her version of ‘It Could Happen To You’ will only add to that figure. The song (featuring a wonderful piano solo from award-winning pianist/conductor Tamir Hendelman,) is given an effervescent new energy by Judy turning the pop tune into what sounds like jazz standard.

The 13th July released single – her follow-up to the well received 2020 debut album Can’t We Be Friends – ‘It Could Happen To You’ marks a new era musically for Whitmore with a bold departure from the more traditional arrangements of its predecessors, unfolding in a more free-flowing sound imbued with the improvisational spirit and exploratory musicianship of jazz – a feat she achieves with both ingenuity and grace.

Produced by John Sawoski (a composer, orchestrator, and musical director who also helmed the production of Can’t We Be Friends) the track came to life at the legendary Capitol Studios in Los Angeles (where her story began as a singer in college) in a series of sessions with Grammy® Award-nominated recording engineer Steve Genewick (Barbra Streisand, Burt Bacharach). With more music on the way, Whitmore stays true to her exquisite gift as a song interpreter, brightening each track with her warmly nuanced vocal style and radiant personality.

The You Tube clip below states that the single is taken from the album Isn’t It Romantic but at the time of writing I have no other details than that. For those readers who enjoy the jazz vocal style of the golden age of jazz I think this single will be right up your street.

Judy Whitmore’s latest single release

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