‘Heart Of Mine – Songs of Ross Lorraine’

Heart Of Mine is the new album from the unique and versatile composer and pianist Ross Lorraine. Heart Of Mine is produced by jazz figurehead Claire Martin and features the vocal talents of Liane Carroll, Gwyneth Herbert, Ian Shaw, Luca Manning, Sara Colman and Claire Martin herself: a cast of guest singers who represent the very best vocal jazz talent in the UK and internationally.

Each protagonist lends their own incomparable style to the project, creating a captivating showcase and a diverse and entertaining realisation of Lorraine’s original compositions. Moreover, the dexterous and imaginative talents of Rob Barron on piano, Mike Walker on guitar, Laurence Cottle on bass and Elliott Henshaw on drums further fortifies the project.

Album cover art by Clarisa Rakos

What we get with Heart Of Mine is twelve intelligently written ballad tempo tunes across gospel, jazz blues, pop, Latin, and singer songwriter styling. The strength of this album is in the way that vocalists put across the lyrics of Ross Lorraine accompanied, as they are, by musicians who know how to play good accompaniment. The diction of the vocalists is perfect, which means that the listener can actually hear the words. The music does not overpower at any stage and the notes are placed for lyrical emphasis – they are also given that all important space to be absorbed and savoured.

This is not a genre specific album but it is full of style; lyrically, musically, and vocally. This is an album for people who simply like good music and that is best summed by singer Ian Shaw who said that it was “such a thrill to sing such well-crafted songs. Whether the generic pop-structure format or a denser, more character-driven narrative, Ross Lorraine’s writing is a joy.” And that is it: this is a varied, joyful album to listen to, which is all you really need to know.

Tracklist and vocalists: 1. Play On (Gwyneth Herbert). 2. Body Language (Claire Martin). 3. The Waiting Game (Liane Carroll). 4. Pull You Back (Sara Colman). 5. Like Love (Luca Manning). 6. I’m By Your Side (Ian Shaw & Claire Martin). 7. The Name of the Game (Claire Martin). 8. Heart Of Mine (Liane Carroll). 9. We Will Sing Again (Luca Manning). 10. All Our Days (Sara Colman). 11. A Silent Cry (Ian Shaw). 12. They’re Playing Our Song (Gwyneth Herbert).

Backing vocals by Claire Martin, Gwyneth Herbert, and Sara Colman.

Musicians: Rob Barron – piano and rhodes piano; Mike Walker – guitars; Laurence Cottle – electric bass; Elliott Henshaw – drums. Chris Traves – trombone (track 7); Claire Martin – percussion.

All Music and Lyrics By Ross Lorraine.

Co-produced by Claire Martin OBE, Ross Lorraine, and Chris Traves.

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