Paul Edis to release ‘The Still Point Of The Turning World’ on vinyl

Lateralize Records is proud to announce the long-awaited vinyl release of The Still Point Of The Turning World, the mesmerising album by British jazz pianist, Paul Edis. I reviewed the CD release back in September of 2021 and remember writing the following:

This is not an album that should be defined by genre. I did not really get why this album had such an impact on me but the liner notes from Paul may give some clue:

I found solace in this unexpected solitude, reconnecting with the piano and a creative outlook that at times felt a bit like being a teenager again. This rediscovered sense of artistic ambition and creative fearlessness have fused with a newfound confidence and self-belief in what I do. Put simply, I don’t think I’m trying to prove anything to anyone anymore. I have things I want to do and to say, and I am happy if people want to listen.

That I believe defines contentment and contentment is what I felt when I allowed myself to connect with and get lost in this album: Thank you Paul Edis!

I still stand by what I wrote then: this is a beautiful genre defining album that deserves to be heard by anyone who enjoys well written music.

The album will be performed in its entirety in a special concert at London’s beautiful Hampstead Parish Church on 1st March (tickets are available here).

The second half of the show will feature the premiere of Awakening, a multi-movement work that combines jazz and classical influences and features Adam King (double bass), Matt Home (drums) and the Estilo String Quartet.

Nobody sounds quite like Paul Edis or transports you to the places he travels to with his ethereal music. Simultaneously soothing and stirring, rapturous yet relaxed, at times the melodies almost appear to become subservient to the mood on this dreamlike album.

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