The Octopus Song – E.G.Phillips

Via the contact page of this blog I get all kind of things sent to me for review consideration, some of which I accept and some I don’t. Mr E.G. Phillips, a San Francisco based songwriter who creates lyric driven songs with his own special blend of whimsy and cinematic imagery, sent me a link to his forthcoming single release The Octopus Song – it is released Friday, 21st January 2022.

This tune sat in my inbox for some time because on the initial listen through I did not think that it would be something I would critique. However, the thought of it kept creeping up on me and I had to listen again, and again, it made me smile so, reader, I listened again.

The song has its inspiration in a book “The Soul of an Octopus” by Sy Montgomery.

Anecdotes from Montgomery’s book became the basis for verses, but it was her reference to the Hawaiian Kumulipo that inspired the chorus. The claim islanders have a myth that octopuses are the only survivors from a previous world made for a wonderful jumping off point.

E.G. Phillips Soundcloud

The song is whimsical, endearing, and fun. There is the beautiful muted trumpet from Rich Armstrong to enjoy and sympathetic support from the piano of Kevin Seal and tenor sax of Daniel Casares. E.G delivers the song in a spoken word style that has a worldly wise feel to it and fits well with the musical style chosen to show off the lyrics.

As with his other songs, The Octopus Song should be available from Bandcamp as well as other streaming services.

Musicians: vocals – E.G. Phillips; tenor sax – Daniel Casares; muted trumpet – Rich Armstrong; piano – Kevin Seal; guitar – Jeffrey Burr; upright bass – Paul Eastburn; percussion – Chris McGrew

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