Tracks played 6 March, 2020

Sounds Like Jazz is a Gosport Hospital Radio production and these are the tracks played on the above date:

  • Free by Nadine Axisa from the album Velvet.
  • Dance of the Infidels by Guiseppi Millaci & Vogue Trio from the album The Endless Way.
  • Calle Mayguez by Marco Pignataro from the album Alams Antiguas.
  • Donna by Dave O’Higgins + Max Ionata from the album Tenors of our Time.
  • New York Afternoon by Snowboy and the Latin Section from the album New York Afternoon.
  • X-temporaneous Boogie by Camille Howard from the album Jump Jazz (Jazz Greats 055).
  • On the Road by Zoe Rahman from the album Dreamland.
  • Joyriding by Derek Nash from the album Joyland.
  • Fit-Tieg Tan Neputija by Nadine Axisa from the album Il-Hoss Tal-Ghabex.

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