Second release & other news

Mark Wade’s album Moving Day gets re-released in Europe 24 January, 2020. I reviewed this album back in October, 2019 and am so pleased to read that AMP Music & Records is putting this album back in the public eye.

Should this second release prove to be successful, will we see more albums given second releases? And will re-releases be counted as a third, fourth etc. release – if so what number are we at with Kind of Blue?

Southampton Jazz Club will be hosting the Asaf Sirkis / Sylwia Bialas International Quartet for their January gig. It will be very interesting to note the level of support for this one as I would suggest that the style of jazz may not be to the “mainstream” style favoured by some of the club’s stalwarts. However, I really must give credit to the club booking team who have made it clear that they want to expand the repertoire of jazz styles in order to attract a wider and more diverse audience.

Twenty-five years ago Christian McBride released his debut album, gettin’ to it, on the Verve label. Sadly three of the musicians who recorded on that album are no longer with us: Roy Hargrove, Milt Hinton and Ray Brown. Thankfully their playing can still be heard on this terrific album.

Under new club promoter Nigel Price, Shepperton Jazz is getting considerable mentions on social media and on 30 January the club presents:


70 years after Norman Granz presented Jazz At The Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall, the Jazz Repertory Company presents its tribute, using some of the most exciting players in the UK and the show’s ringmaster is the ebullient Pete Long (M.D. of Ronnie Scott’s Big Band, Echoes of Ellington, Gillespiana and long time sideman with Jools Holland).

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