Tracks played 27 December, 2019

Sounds Like Jazz is a Gosport Hospital Radio production and these are the tracks played on the above date:

  • Will You Make My Soup Hot and Silver by the Christina Dahl Trio from the album Heartbeats, 2003
  • Stutterfunk by the Gareth Lockrane Big Band from the album Fistfight At The Barndance, 2017
  • Come Dance With Me by the Wendy Kirkland Quartet from the album Piano Divas, 2017
  • Little Rootie Tootie by Alan Barnes from the album Alan Barnes + 11, 2019
  • Happy Shoes by Diane Marino from the album Soul Serenade: The Gloria Lynne Project, 2018
  • The Quarter by The Mark Wade Trio from the album Moving Day, 2018
  • Take The “A” Train by The Joshua Espinoza Trio from the album Journey Into The Night, 2019
  • Up Above My Head by Jazzmeia Horn from the album A Social Call, 2017
  • Board Game by the Mikael Mani Trio from the album Bobby, 2019
  • Half A World Away by the Alyson Rayner Quintet from the album August, 2014
  • Walk On By by Beverley Beirne from the album Seasons of Love, 2012
  • Mulatu’s Mood by Mulatu Astatke from the album Mulatu Steps Ahead, 2010
  • Day In Day Out by Edana Minghella from the album All or Nothing, 2016
  • Ed’s Calypso by the Dominic Howles Quintet from the album Along Came Benny,2019
  • Got A Match by the Al Swainger Quartet from the album Biophosmos Project, 2018
  • West Coast Blues by Wendy Kirkland from the album The Music’s on Me, 2019
  • Grits, Beans & Greens by the Tubby Hayes Quartet, from the album Bits, Grits & Greens, 2019
  • SUGARboost by the Kuba Wiecek Trio from the album Multitasking, 2019
  • Pop Muzik by Beverley Beirne from the album Jazz Just Wants to Have Fun, 2018
  • The Odd Couple by HeadsSouth from the album On The Way, 2014
  • Harlem Airshaft by Duke Ellington from the album Rockin’ in Rhythm: Jazz Greats Vol. 002, 1995/96

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