Tracks played 23 August, 2019

Small hospital radio station big on jazz every Friday 4 ’til 6pm (GMT)

Sounds Like Jazz is a Gosport Hospital Radio production and these are the tracks played on the above date:

  • 5B3 by the Gareth Lockrane Big Band from the album Fistfight at the Barndance, 2017
  • Darshan’s Love by Clifford Adams from the album The Master Power, 1998
  • The Jazz in You by Diane Marino from the album Soul Serenade: The Gloria Lynne Project, 2018
  • Mack the Knife by Heads South from the album Record Flight, 2010
  • Pink Sky by the Garden District Trio from the album Upward, 2019
  • Twentysomething by Jamie Cullum from the album of the same name, 2004
  • Blame the Bird by Dave O’Higgins from the album Under the Stone, 1995
  • Shorty by Rob Luft from the album Riser, 2017
  • Here but I’m Gone by Camilla George from the album The People could Fly, 2018

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