Tracks played 7 June, 2019

Sounds Like Jazz is a Gosport Hospital Radio production and these are the tracks played on the above date:

  • Iz Beatdown Time by Orrin Evans from the album The Evolution of One’s Self, 2015
  • Everybody’s Boppin’ by Lambert, Hendrick & Ross from the album The Hottest New Group in Jazz, 1959
  • 23 Degrees North, 82 Degrees West by The Ran Blake Quartet from the album Short Life of Barbara Monk, 1986
  • Tomoki by Pharoah Saunders from the album Message From Home, 1996
  • Minor Drops by Bobby Jaspar from the album Jazz in Paris, 1956
  • I’d Rather Be Burned as a Witch by Rene Marie from the album I Wanna Be Evil, 2013
  • Butch & Butch by Oliver Nelson from the album The Blues & The Abstract Truth, 1961
  • I Cover The Waterfront by The Michoko Ogawa Trio from the album It’s All About Love, 2002
  • Three Bags Full by Herbie Hancock from the album Takin’ Off, 1962

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